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Best performance video doorbells in 2020

2020-07-07 18:46:41

These are the best video doorbells based on video quality, noti

fications, smart home integration and more......

During these times of social distancing, lots of people are shopping for the best video doorbells, because these devices are a good way to know when a package has arrived at your doorstep. And, because video doorbells have microphones and speakers, you can talk with a person while keeping the door closed.  

The best video doorbells take the humble push button found at every threshold and turns it into a powerful tool, letting you see not just who's knocking, but allowing you to talk to them too — no matter where you are. So, for example, if you're in the attic or the backyard and someone comes calling, you don't have to leave them hanging; you can use your smartphone to tell them to wait until you get to the front door. It's a handy feature for those who have difficulty moving, too. 

Right now, there is ONE of the best video doorbells under $200, is EAGLEBELL video doorbell($149) . We like the EAGLEBELL video doorbell because of its high-quality video and motion-detection feature, which lets you know when a visitor has came.  Aside from its price, the Ring Video Doorbell is a great model because it can be either hardwired or run off battery power, so it's much easier to install anywhere on your house. 

Besides, the shell is made of Alluminium, with a rain cover and triangle bracket, strong and safe, i will not concern about some guy may damage it with a hammer or screwdriver.

Which make me the best feeling is Signal, the EAGLEBELL video doorbell go with an external Antenna, with a cable of 60~80cm length, i can install the antenna indoor, and leave the doorbell outdoor. The indoor antenna improve alot, when i see the signal strength in APP, it is always above 80%. When i am in office and checking the doorbell, the video flow smoothly and fast, never brakes. This antenna make the performance far beyond my expection !

1. EAGLEBELL video doorbell

The best video doorbell overall

Video Resolution: 1980 x 1080 | Field of View: 140 degrees | Works with: Alexa, Google home, TuyaSmart | Size: 150x 70 x 50mm  | Wired/Battery: wireless, wifi 2.4GHz, 2 piece 18650battery | Storage : Micro SD card 32GB or use cloud storage

Best performance video doorbells in 2020(图1)

The EAGLEBELL video doorbell takes the top honors as the best video doorbell overall, as it produced the best-looking video we've yet seen from one of these devices, and its microphone and speaker were excellent, too. 

Because it can run entirely on battery power, theEAGLEBELL video doorbell is the best video doorbell for homes or locations where there isn't already power. 

This 1080p doorbell camera offers good customization for motion alerts. 

Ring's video doorbell can also be paired with an optional Ring Chime , if you don't already have a doorbell chime inside your house. The Chime also acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, good for if your front door is out of range of your router.