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wifi doorbell support TUYA or not_202007071721201

2020-07-07 17:22:36

Wifi/wireless connection is becoming a standard and basic function for Video Doorbell.

there are kinds of wifi/wireless connection in the market:

  1. self-owned APP doorbell, company/producer develop own APP for android/iOS, build self-use cloud/storage/bridge/switch 

  2. Thired party APP, like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Tuya, making hundards of devices connected to 1 users/family 







several kinds of unlock methods;

must be 12V power input


Network Cable Connection slot;

---power consumption more than wifi



WIFI internal or external





TUYA device

A. TUYA request Fees for modification

B.add icon, APP instruction, background instruction, cloud instruction




hardware could modify, could be 12V or 3.7V

power input





standard option


Normal WIFI doorbell with Own Custom APP (shall update APP regular time)



solution provider can modify it with customized logo, 



not standard option, could be 12V/3.7V power input




standard option, internal or external